Writer’s bio

B orn and raised in Colonial York, Pennsylvania located between Gettysburg National Park and the Amish Country of Lancaster County, Michael grew up in the working class neighborhood of North York, graduated from York Catholic High School in 1964 and entered the United States Air Force three days after graduation.

Started his career as an Air Policeman. Upon discharge from the Air Force he relocated to Danville, California in 1969 where he became a Richmond, California Police Officer located in the San Francisco Bay Area from 1969 until retirement in 1994.

As a career police officer, just a few of the assignments were the Patrol Bureau, Detective Bureau, Administration Bureau, Records and Service Bureau, K9, Helicopter, Motorcycle Office and Supervisor.

His career working in one of the worst crime infected cities in the San Francisco Bay Area and the challenges he faced working as a white police officer in the ghettos of Richmond. Follow his story from 1969 to 2015.

Having served in many police details within the police department, he experienced what it was to be a white American who grew up near the Amish Country, in the farmland of Pennsylvania during the start of the civil rights movement. Martin Luther Kings, "I have a dream" speech in nearby Washington D.C., who then found himself in the battlegrounds of the inner-city.

Follow the police career of the Author, who spent a career working within the black inner-city ghetto's of Richmond, California not unlike Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland. Find out what it's really like to work in such environments.

We all bleed BLUE

A police department where Federal Lawsuits led to consent degrees that did not benefit the good of the department but led to internal strife among the sworn personnel. The results of Affirmative Action policies in hiring, promotions, and the effects felt within the agency which had been served by more than 90% of white sworn officers from its start in 1905. How the agency and the city suffered but started to find its way back by 2015.